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PMR Episode 005: Is Obama “The light and the way” for America?

In this weeks episode we discuss:

  • Why Russell Crowe believes Obama is “The light and the way” for America.
  • Obamacare delayed again… why? Because most people don’t know how to use the internet… at least that what Harry Reid says.
  • Will Hobby Lobby be forced to pay for abortions?
  • The Unions are at it again… Will college football players unionize?
  • and much, much more!!!

Download the Podcast below and enjoy. Let us know what you think.

Thanks Charles, Denise and Laura your political media junkies…

Show notes and Links:

Will Brook candidate for Congress from Alabama shoots at Obamacare bill in this funny campaign ad.


PMR Episode 004: Our picks for 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our picks for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee. Who is in and who should definitely be out.
  • Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General gets tons of push back from Dems and Republicans so Obama decides his nominee needs to be “recalibrated.”
  • Are the Democrats the new slave masters? Does their message of giving entitlements just keep the poor down?
  • Obama begs latinos to sign up for Obamacare and promises he won’t use the information to come after any illegals living with them.
  • What Republican Governor is giving his citizens back their tax money and why this is huge for America… If anyone will pay attention.
  • Chicago Mayor wants to double property taxes to pay for unfunded pensions.
  • And much much more!!!

Check out the podcast below and thanks again! Charles, Denise and Laura… Your political media junkies.

Show Notes and Links:

Obama Promises Hispanics: Your Obamacare Signup Info Will Not Be Used to Track Down Family Members Who Are Here Illegally

Wisconsin: Assembly Passes Governor’s Tax-Cut Plan

This is awesome!

This was not written by us… We saw it on Facebook and thought everyone should give it a read.

“As a military man, I can tell you about how the military uses a strategy against an “out-manned enemy” that is fool proof. If an attack on the out-manned whole is impossible, you simply overcome them by “picking them off one at a time”. Without ever attacking the whole unit, you can isolate them one at a time and kill them off one at a time. Soon the entire unit collapses and is overtaken as it weakens. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin both understood this strategy well in the political world. They would draw in a small group of people by targeting them and separating them from the rest with promises to help them in their cause and by making them feel they were being victimized by the whole. One by one, the groups they targeted “came over to their side” until eventually they had the entire nation. Watch carefully the strategy of the Left in America how they make groups of people feel as if they are victims and that they need “safety” from their oppressors. Notice how they divide people into groups offering each of them something important to them. We can see the groups and the classes of people they have targeted and continue their propaganda to them….women, immigrants, the poor, minorities, the elderly, racial groups, etc. capturing them by making them “feel” they are being oppressed by “others”. They are crafty and diabolical in their scheme but very few people care because they themselves now “feel heard”, and the majority of Americans will be in one group or another. There is little regard for the whole as each of these “victims” is taken up with THEIR own agenda of being heard and THEIR needs being addressed. Marx and Lenin both rose to full power using this political tactic. This current Left Wing administration has worked this scheme to perfection. Sadly, I think for the first time in American history, the sum total of all these “victims” has reached over 50% of Americans. I believe the Socialist Left is poised to seize full power here in America as it has in many parts of the world, particularly Europe… WE’RE SCREWED folks unless we scream loudly and push back…..”

PMR Episode 003: Obamacare stinks and everyone knows it!… Even Democrats.

Obamacare stinks and everyone knows it!… Even Democrats.

On this week’s episode we discuss…

  • Why Obamacare stinks and why even Democrats are holding their nose from the smell of it!
  • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio loves the Teachers unions and is punishing Charter Schools and the families that love them.
  • Jolly Wins Florida’s 13th District! Is this a sign that Republicans have a winning argument?
  • Why are Democrats crying over money?
  • Is Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General a sure thing? He’s not even old enough to shave and he doesn’t even have enough experience to run a hospital, let alone be the countries top Doc.
  • And much, much more….

Take a listen below and Comment above. Charles, Denise and Laura… Your Political Media Junkies!

Show Notes and Links from the Podcast:

(Find out the details of campaign contributions here.)

“Three things everyone is getting wrong about the republican win”  from

Episode 002: Is President Obama this generations Milli Vinilli?


Episode 002:  Is President Obama this generations Milli Vanilli?

We answer that question and many more in this Episode of Political Media Review!

  • Who is putting a muzzle over Lois Lerner’s mouth and why does she need immunity if she has done nothing wrong?
  • Are Democrats Jumping off of Obama’s ship? Why they voted down Obama’s nominee for the DOJ.
  • Can a Republican ever change a Democrats mind to come to our side?
  • Is the Democrat Party fracturing because of Obama?
  • and much, much more!

Make sure to let us know what you’re thinking!

Thanks… Charles, Denise and Laura your conservative media junkies!


Episode 001: Welcome to the Political Media Review Podcast!

Welcome to the Political Media Review Podcast! In this episode we discuss…


  • Sb 1062: (You know the bill in Arizona that keeps business owners from choosing who to work with.)  Yeah that one.  The news was literally breaking the minute before the show started. So it got heated.
  • Energy Independence: Our take on how Obama will use this political football to disrupt republicans chance at winning the Senate.
  • Minimum Wage: What is a Living Wage?
  • Victim Mentality: Does life just happen to you?
  • Who’s worth more money, A firefighter or a professional football player?

Enjoy and Let us know what your opinions are. No really we want to know…

Thanks… Charles, Denise and Laura  Your Political Media Junkies

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