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PMR Episode 007: Dirty Harry Reid and his connections to the Nevada Ranchers…


In this weeks episode:

  • What does Harry Reid and his son have to hide is this Nevada Rancher saga?
  • Donald Rumsfeld’s Tax Day letter to the IRS. (This is good!)
  • Does Jay Carney have Russian Propaganda hanging in his home?
  • Why does Obama have more regulations than any other President…. Ever?
  • Common Core

And much, much more…

Thanks again for listening… Charles, Denise and Laura. Your political media junkies…

PMR Episode 006: Is Lois Lerner off to the Slammer?


In this  podcast episode we discuss:

  • Is Lois Lerner off to the slammer?  Her opening statements are coming back to haunt her.
  • Was Isaiah Cummings and Lois Lerner colluding to investigate What does this say about our freedom of speech when our government will bully us if we don’t agree with their politics?
  • The latest on the stand off at the Cliven Bundy Ranch in Nevada.  All of this over the desert tortoise? Or is something else really going on?
  • And much, much more…

Listen to the below and be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Thanks again…. Charles, Denise and Laura your political media junkies!!!