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PMR Episode 13: Where are they? IRS lost emails…


In this weeks podcast episode we discuss:

Where are they? IRS lost emails… 

Has the American public given our government officials the impression that we are all so dumb?  They feed us bull???? and expect is to just swallow it, without question.  Then they become indignant when we don’t just accept it.

Iraq, Millions advertising food stamps in Mexico and much, much more...

Thanks for listening… Charles, Denise and Laura… Your political media junkies!!!

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PMR Episode 12: Our Borders are OPEN! Bring your sick and poor…


Our Borders are OPEN! Bring your sick and poor…In this weeks Episode we discuss:

The democrats and liberals have just increased their voting block by about 50,000 illegal immigrants.  Does anyone in this country believe they will ever be sent back?

Are our politicians so out of touch to believe that Americans want amnesty for all of these illegals pouring into our country, or is it that they really don’t care what we think?

And much, much more…

Thanks again for listening… Charles, Denise and Laura, your political media junkies!

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